Keeping Danger Out With Good Door Locks

Beyond having a solid, functioning home security system, upkeep of home doorways, especially those on the exterior, is an important measure to take towards protecting yourself and your loved ones from the dangers of forced entry by unwanted intruders. Ensuring that your entries and exits are up to code and thus giving the maximum security level to your home, you can rest assured that intruders will have difficulty entering into your home. Some doors are less obvious than others Keysmart Australia, though, and are often overlooked when securing the home.

One particular problematic area is sliding glass doors, which typically lead from a patio or deck through to a walk-in basement or a living area on the ground floor, as well as from second-story balconies into bedrooms. When securing your home, these are the most likely to be broken in a forced entry because of the difficulty of securing the large glass panes. To lessen the risk of this happening, place a solid metal rod or pipe along the bottom edge of the door frame in the slide track to secure the door. Having a key lock installed rather than just a switch or latch lock will further secure the door, though this can limit a fast exit and could be a problem when figuring out fire escape routes. Remember to keep the key nearby, in an easy-to-remember place, so as not to get locked inside, trying to get out.

Even the smallest openings that lead from the outside into your home need to be considered, like the mail drop slot or the pet door. Having a small latch installed on both types of doors to secure them, at least at night, so burglars cannot reach through them and open a door from the inside, is a very smart idea.

The garage door is another door that is easily overlooked when securing the home. Even automatic garage doors should have a lock feature that permits them to be secured; doors leading from the garage to the house should be as well outfitted as any other exterior door.

The most inexperienced of burglars will think to check the obvious places for a spare key – under the doormat, below a planter, inside a fake rock with a trap door on the front step, and on the little ledge just over the doorframe. If having a spare key on your property is absolutely necessary, try to hide it in a place that is not the obvious choice. You could leave it hanging over a nail under a low deck or porch steps, for example. Instruct all family members to take a quick look around before reaching for the hidden key so as to ensure that no one is watching and noting the secret spot. If a spare isn’t needed on a regular basis, the better option is to keep an extra house key with a trusted neighbor or nearby friend. Get into the practice of carrying house keys separately from car keys and work keys. This will not only help you stay organized but also protect you in case one key ring is stolen.

A good, reliable home security system is of course a necessity for maximizing the protection of your home, as well. All sorts of security systems are available, so doing your homework is quite important before selecting the right network for your home. Most have alarm systems that sound when there is an entry through a door or window after the system has been activated. Many home alarms can be coordinated with local police, fire, and emergency dispatch and will alert the corresponding officials automatically when the alarm sounds.

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