Texas Holdem Poker Tips – Avoiding Losing “Big” Hands


In texas hold em, sure hands always seem to get players into big problem if they aren’t completely sure in what they’re doing. I am referring to hands which are not really hands but seem big.

I am mainly referring to unmatched face cards just as queen/jack, king/queen, and notably ace/king. It resembles a large hand but it’s not. Not really. And here is why.

These forms of hand, Gclub like ace/king aren’t made hands. What after all is, that you don’t have anything. You’ll lose to some deuces. Everything you have is that a potentially powerful drawing hand, that is it. However, you do not have anything to start with. Once you play with ace/king precisely, you could acquire other hands to lay down and you also may slip blinds. But you have to play them carefully and avoid chasing pots.

Look, if you’re holding ace/king, you’re never better than a coin flip. Yesif you hit a king or ace on the flop, then you have a very solid high pair. But imagine if another player is holding pocket kinds or pocket aces. They will have flopped a set and you are going to be in big trouble if you perform the hand.

For those who have a great deal of chips, avoid putting many of them in to the pot preflop. If you know your competitors and their trends, you will know whether you can get big pocket pairs, such as for example jack/jack to set down their hands in the event that you bet into them the ideal way.

That usually means you’ll need to play with them harshly. However, this is a risk you do not want to take once you own a lot of hands. However, once you are short stacked, ace/king becomes a better drawing hands and also one you are going to want to play vigorously to create different players put out.

When you have a big stack, you probably don’t want to complete more than just call to find the flop. Every once in awhile you may want to hit a normal lift but if another player comes back across the top of you, you will likely wish to escape while you can and conserve your big pile.

Remember, hands such as ace/king have potential yet they’re not such a thing . And the size of your stack and the blinds, as well as the players around you, will determine the best way to play with these cards. Circumstance will dictate how you play with these cards.


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