Poker Trend: Why College Kids Get Rich Fast, But Do Not Pay Taxes


The Truth of Poker Nearly As Glamorous as TV

Away from the glitz of all television”reality” poker, college students are making the critical money in poker. 2 years back, a number of the twenty somethings started out playing poker using a $10/hour project and less than $1,000 with their names. Now they play to your highest stakes online, many making $200,000 per year or longer.

Behind this Rags to Riches success is just a figure well known in hardcore poker circles. Ed Miller, lead author of the landmark book Little Stakes Hold ’em: Winning Big with Expert Play (2+2 Publishing), has been teaching struggling players to be large winners for a number of years gaming slots.

“Many men and women think television poker really is the way to make cash playing poker. For some people, however, chasing this one enormous score will likely be merely an expensive disappointment. Readers of my novels play poker for fairly constant incomes, frequently $10,000 monthly or longer. You will not find them on TV, however through study and dedication, they’ve established amazing careers for themselves,” states Miller.

“What is so remarkable is that many of these guys are very young, usually still in faculty. After-class, instead of shooting up the computer to play with a shoot-em-up game, they play poker, some times eight or six matches at the same time. Some play extremely well, and they can win tens of thousands of dollars an hour out of their competitors, making themselves a little fortune in the approach.

“Most are so young, their sole previous occupation adventure was mowing lawns or shoveling snow,” says Miller. “Now they’ve won $100,000 in per year playing poker, plus they are so greenthey don’t really know that they have to cover taxes on it. They have never even filed a return ”

A regular story comes in Drew Pruitt, a new college graduate from Southern California:”I chose up poker in college purely as a pastime. I played recreationally for a year, also, thanks to 2+2 Publishing’s internet site and novels on poker, was competent to fund about half my college tuition out of my winnings. From the time I reached my last semester at school and began thinking about job interviews,” I was making significantly more cash playing poker than that I really could hope to earn at any work that I would get. Since then, I have been able to earn a very healthy living on poker alone”

Barely older than his youngest readers, Miller, 26, has also carved himself out a distinct segment livelihood in poker. “3 years back I picked poker up for a recreation. At the time, I was an entry program developer at Microsoft. Soon poker was making me quite a wonderful side income, and briefly afterward I took the plunge and then quit my task. I have been a teacher at heart, even though, therefore that I wished to write novels so many others could learn to accomplish exactly what I had done”

“Poker has changed my life and the lifestyles of lots of my readers. It supplies financial freedom for thousands of young men and women who otherwise would be fighting the identical low paying, non profit occupations. Instead of fighting to pay rent and heavy student education loans, they’re debt-free, acquiring homessaving for retirement”

Ed Miller is writer of about three poker books plus four DVDs. The beginner-level Getting Started in Hold’em (2+2 Publishing) sells for $17.95. The intermediate-level Small Stakes Maintain Celtics: Winning Big with Expert Play, co-authored by David Sklansky and Mason Malmuth, (2+2 Publishing) sells for $24.95. The complex No Limit HoldCeltics: Theory and Practice, according to David Sklansky (two +2 Publishing) sells for about $29.95 and will probably take book stores in June. Even the DVDs, entitled, Reading Through Hands, Fixing Your Play, Advanced Level Pre-Flop Concepts, and Protecting Your forearm had been filmed in London and retail for $24.95 each (Specialist Hold $Em).

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