What Keeps Counter-Strike Ticking?


In a travel crossing over a decade, both Counter-Strike and its own simple but efficient concept attended a long way. To day, it’s the golden standard for multiplayer FPS games, a standard that they always end up being measured up against.

There are several good reasons for this irrespective of CS being a great game. The sheer momentum generated by means of a mod can go further than most of the promotion money can find, as audiences of players draw in more crowds. But CS obviously did something right to stay on top of the genre at a fast growing market that’s constantly offering the upcoming huge thing csgo accounts.


No-more plasma firearms, health packs or even irrational rocket jumps. It just doesn’t happen that way in the real universe: you use up all your ammo at a bad time, take 1 bullet in the head and die from this. Counter-Strike concentrated on giving a believable Terrorist vs. Counter-Terrorist experience, regardless of the fact that you knew you were coming back to life to fight the next round.

Realism has its drawbacks too. People today are inclined to approach the gaming with pre determined expectations depending on the surroundings, meaning that, at a military shooter, even if the AK-47 does not sound exactly like a genuine AK-47, a gun expert is going to tell you, and anybody who wants to listen, relating to it.

Objectives and Teamwork

Objectives really are a big portion of Counter-Strike, and teamwork may be the best approach to attain those objectives. Earlier games had objectives, but none had been quite as well-suited into the theme as the ones in CS, where you planting (or diffusing) bombs and rescuing hostages.


Since it started off like a free mod, and has been ship with the source code, CS receives immense support from community members. Take for instance, the massive assortment of well balanced maps to the video game, particularly for bomb/defuse scenarios.

PC Friendly

While pictures have improved over the years, CS was and continues to stay friendly to non invasive machines. This not only shows a commitment to reaching out into the greatest possible

of gamers, but also the developers’ belief that eyecandy images can just take a game therefore far-what keeps people coming back is a solid match play.


There isn’t any dillydally. Within moments of spawning, you’re in a vicious fire fight with the enemy. Every corner you creep round is just a potential deathtrap. Attacks happen at break neck rate and well-placed ambushes do a way with large collections of enemies in seconds.

Counterstrike continues to rule out the multiplayer FPS roost and remains among the very played PC games. Using its 2004 debut on Xbox, it’s enlarged to the games market too. That is only one authentic instance of a item that has survived the test of time.

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