Failure to Clean Your Dryer Vent May Be Putting Your Home at Risk of a House Fire


Most people don’t have any clue just how much lint gets past the dryers lint trap. The sum is substantial. With time your drier vent pipe gets coated with dryer lint. If a drier port hasn’t been cleaned in over a year, then you could have a possible fire hazard onto your own handson. Once the port becomes restricted your dryer will require more time to dry a lot. Lack of moisture will make your drier over heat. If your dryer vent is over eight feet long, your dryer vent needs to be cleaned yearly. A few of these early warning signs of lint congestion comprise:

May be your surface of your dryer sexy to the dryer duct touch? Is it true that your dryer simply take over 50 minutes to dry a load?
Would you ever experience a moldy smell in your clothing?
Is dryer lint amassing on the inside of the dryer door?
Does this seem like your own clothes have extra lint on them?
Is the house dusty?
Dryer lint is virtually deflecting and goes anyplace. Most dryer vents have a flap along with even a screen located at the outlet. This must be cleaned regularly. Where your dryer vent leaves the building is typically the very first place drier lint will gather. It is very important when you have your port cleaned they address the exit.
Dryer vents are available in all different shapes and sizes. The drier port itself refers to the exhaust pipe in the wallsocket. This tube should become a 4″ steel pipe which exits right outside or any times through the rooftop. Some builders occasionally utilize the more rectangular gutter piping, or the elastic metallic piping. Both can be unsuccessful. If your home includes a foil accordion type material in your wall, this needs to be substituted immediately. This material is really flammable, in the event that you ever had a drier fire it’d have no possibility of staying contained.

A drier vent that exits on to a tile-roof may pose yet another possible airflow limitation. Much of the full time contractors utilize exactly the exact goose-neck type depart as on a normal shingle roof. Regrettably these vents are not long enough, and tend to vent close to the tile together with very little space. The fix for this issue is to fabricate an expansion that raises the vent at the least four inches above the tile. This is work for a seasoned dryer vent cleaner.

Another frequent problem is a smashed transition tube. The transition tube is the pipe which connects the dryer into the wall vent. The majority of times delivery people utilize the foil type transitions because of simple setup. Regrettably this material might certainly become restricted or crushed. This type of material is actually paper and may spark. Unlike the most metal ventilation material which the dryer manufacturers advise this material is a real fire hazard. (see your owners manual or the labels on back of the dryer.)

Regrettably a clogged dryer vent can break your dryer. Both chief parts that violate, would be the part and the thermostat. The excess heat created with a blocked vent is an option waiting to happen. Many of the recent high efficacy dryers have warning lights that tell you if your vent needs cleaning. Some of these sprays even lower the temp on their own to keep from over heating.

The best method to test your dryer vents efficacy would be to disconnect the tube from the wall and then dry a load of clothes. If your clothes have dry in a reasonable time that it’s your vent. Over 15,000 drier related fires occur every year. The majority of these fires could have been averted, with a yearly vent cleaning.



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