Top 7 Drugs to Buy From Canadian Pharmacies


Is there truly substantial cost savings to be found from purchasing medications online from Canada? Yes, if you know just what you are searching for. Not all medications discovered in Canada are less costly than right here in the US. Many of our generic brand names are actually less costly here in the US compared to in Canada. As a matter of fact, many Canadians utilize American online pharmacies to load their common prescriptions. Yet trademark name medicines like Lipitor, can be located for in Canada for much less.

The reason generics don’t provide as much savings in Canada as they do below in the United States is because of Canadian price controls. Price controls are stipulations that determine the cost of brand-new drugs presented into the marketplace. This suggests that medicines, brand Canadian Pharmacy Online name or common, must stay in the same cost range. Although price controls will not allow for a new brand name medicine to charge an outlandish quantity of cash, it also does not permit generic medicine to be provided at substantially lower prices than the brand name choice.

The top 7 medicines that offer significant financial savings from foreign drug stores are:

US Cost Canadian Price Cost Savings

1. Zocor 20mg $356.97 for 90 $222.87 for 100 38%.

2. Lipitor 20mg $275.97 for 90 $199.36 for 100 28%.

3. Zoloft 50mg $209.97 for 100 $172.50 for 100 18%.

4. Celebrex 200mg $213.99 for 90 $133.49 for 100 38%.

5. Zyprexa 10mg $559.99 for 90 $494.75 for 100 12%.

6. Singulair 10mg $89.99 for 30 $65.99 for 30 27%.

7. Pravacol 20mg $87.99 for 30 $65.99 for 30 25%.

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