How To Apply A French Manicure


The French always look immaculate. As if they were born chic. Or maybe they know something we do not.

Basically, nature can always use a helping hand. French manicures look natural. No bright colors. Just beautiful shiny nails, the way nature intended. A healthy pink followed by perfect white crescents. As if you were born with such beautiful nails.

It takes a little more effort to fake natural beauty than it does to get that more obviously made up look. The trick is to play on colors a shade or two more vibrant, richer or warmer than your natural colors.

That is the secret behind French manicures. Go for shiny fingernails in a healthy shade of pink, with a bright white crescent. Yellow, stained nails aren’t pretty but white tips of your nails are lovely antiques polishing.

For your french manicure, you need the following items:

1. A natural shade of pink nail color

2. White nail polish

3. Nail base coat

4. Top coat or clear nail polish

5. Nail polish remover

6. cotton wool

7. cotton buds

8. nail file

Ready to begin?

1. Soak cotton wool with nail polish remover and remove all traces of the old nail polish from your nails.

2. Wash your hands and nails with soap and water. Scrub under the nails with a nail brush or an old toothbrush. Rinse thoroughly and dry completely.

3. File your nails to the length and shape you desire. Use a good nail file to achieve the effect you want.

4. Apply base nail coat that in 3 strokes down your nails. 1st stroke down the center and one stroke on each side of the nail.

5. When the base coat is completely dry, apply the pink nail polish from base of the nail to just where the white crescent begins. Do that carefully in 3 strokes.

6. Erase any mistakes with a remover and a cotton bud.

7. Once the pink polish is dry, apply the white polish as a crescent across the nail, where the pink polish ends.

8. Once the nail polish is completely dry, apply a protective layer of clear varnish, or top coat over the entire nail to protect your work.

9. Let your nails dry completely before you touch anything.

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